The Company

The staff at Ultimate Purification is proud to help over 10,000 families and companies each year to enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy, filtered water. We enjoy talking to customers and helping them decide which product is best for their needs. At Ultimate Purification we use our expertise to help people compare and then we provide great service in hopes of creating a lifelong relationship. Thousands of our happy customers return for replacement filters, cartridges and UV lamps, or to upgrade their systems or just ask questions.

Our Products

We offer products to meet clean water needs of families with municipally treated water and well water. We have experience solving all sorts of water treatment problems from municipal water to iron, sulfur, and bacteria removal or any other contaminant that is causing you trouble. We also can help you solve problems with staining of your fixtures.

At Ultimate Purification, we carry a full spectrum of water treatment technologies from different manufacturers. We can help you with almost any water problem you could ever have!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your total satisfaction! We will go the extra mile to assure your satisfaction. Let us know if there is something we can do to provide service beyond your expectations and we will do everything we can to make it happen. We have helped tens of thousands of happy families and we want to help you too. Working with our company, you get a very high quality product at a fair price. You also get answers to your questions from our knowledgeable and courteous staff members who are certified industry experts.

For further assistance, please call or email us at (516) 673-4242.